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If by wet you mean water spots, say from an air line…. The wet areas will attract the stain resulting in dark spots even if the wood has a chance to dry before .

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With all of the activity your deck will see this summer, you will want to . If you try to apply stain or sealer over damp or dirty wood, then there .

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Finally, if you're using a roller, any paint roller will do. The wider the roller, the heavier it will be. Before buying one, hold it in your hand and practice moving it up .

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As a result of my failing to stain, the rain had saturated the fence. This was . In theory, you can apply stain on wood without cleaning it first. . because I find it easier to clean up and it is more accepting of wood that is damp.

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If you walk in the wet areas, you need to mop the footprints back out. After the second coat, the product gives a nice even coverage with no splotches because it is .

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This is true, especially if you install with pressure treated pine fence posts. Just like a deck, it needs to dry before .

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Today I'm sharing 10 Tips for Staining a Fence. . Painting a fence is one of those jobs that can suck the life right out of you…it's back breaking work, and takes time. . I had a wet old rag with me for when I needed to quickly wipe up drips.

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When choosing your roller, keep in mind that the wider it is, the heavier it will be when wet. Dip into the stain, then apply evenly. Apply to one .

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I’ll show you how to stain and seal a fence with a paint sprayer. . fence wet during the cleaning process, so I washed one section at a time, .

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Follow these steps for how to stain a fence to give your drab or dingy backyard . down the entire length of each vertical slat, maintaining a wet tip at all times.

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Learn how to stain a fence - stress-free - with this easy guide! . Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect .

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Learn how to stain pressure-treated wood, including choosing and applying stain and . wood can extend the life and improve the appearance of decks, fencing, . “Wet-treated wood” still contains significant moisture when purchased and may .

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If it really poured down rain then you will have to wait a day or two for your fence to dry out. If you are using an oil based stain then you will have to wait for the .

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I must say, this is probably the most tedious part of this entire project, but ultimately worth it if you want the stain to last. It's important to keep the fence wet during .

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Wet rot is the result of moisture regularly coming into contact with wood. . Regularly staining your fence can be integral to keeping rot at bay. . new stain to your wooden fence, check out our recent blog article: how to stain your wooden fence.

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You can go to most hardware stores and find fence stain, though it makes more sense to be discerning in that choice. That's because not all stains are alike, as .

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But, if you are using a water based stain, then it can be a little damp. If you are using latex, experts recommend you should get it on for 4 to 6 .

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Over time, a wood fence can become home to algae, mildew and m. . Regular cleaning and maintenance with a stain or sealer can help both preserve . Wet. Use a 25-degree tip on your pressure washer to rinse a few boards of your fence at .

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so my question is can i treat a wet fence or should it be bone dry! . Are you saying you have a fence made from planed floorboards that . If it is planed them ordinary fence stains (water based waxy emulsions) will not stick :( .

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When we applied the second coat, we would do one long brush stroke to finish off each panel. This helped smooth out the stain. Horizontal Fence .

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So what do you do if it does rain shortly after staining? . Hi I started the process of water sealing my wood fence with cabot clear wood stain it hadn't rained 48 . You may need to recoat all if the stain was wet when it rained.

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How to stain or paint a timber fence or timber surface. . recently, wait for the wood to dry before you start work – the stain won't take to wood that is already wet.

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To quote Robert Frost, "Good fences make good neighbors." If this is true, then how do you make a good fence? Beyond solid construction and top-quality wood, .

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You won't have luck applying paint/stain to a soaking wet deck. If there are common walkway areas on the deck you could put down strips of .

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Wet wood will not absorb oil based stain. All you get is a light surface coat that won't last and washes off. Don't be fooled! This is a great concept, unfortunately .

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Once you have invested in a fence, routine maintenance can keep it strong and looking good for years. By maintaining the finish, you will be preventing damage .

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You have just installed or built a new fence, deck, pergola or other wood . Today's treated pine lumber is really wet when it is new and must dry out. . You can read about the process here, in the Experts' wood cleaning and .

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The benefit of an oil stain instead of acrylic paints is that a stain will . If you just pressure washed the fence you will need to let it dry as well. Also, check the forecast. Wet weather within 3 days should cancel your stain project.

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Check out our top 5 FAQs for Wet & Forget Outdoor, so you can spend less time cleaning and . Is it ok to paint a fence after using Wet & Forget? . or mildew that was infesting the surface is gone, it's fine to apply paint, varnish, stain or sealer.