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Davidson County Animal Control Ordinance

Ropes are not acceptable for use as tethers. . fences are acceptable. . North Carolina nor governed by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission. This . Tethering For purposes of this ordinance, tethering is defined as the.

Animal laws > Char-Meck Ordinances - City of Charlotte

Official website for the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. . Read the ordinance in its entirety (To see the townships, and other . Properly Tethering Your Pets.

Tethering - Orange County, NC

not be affected by the County's tethering ordinance. However . The Coalition to Unchain Dogs offers a program to assist with fence building. Details . example, a dog chained to a stake near a dog house), but also includes overhead trolley.

Animals Ordinance | Huntersville, NC

Any live, vertebrate creature specifically including, but not limited to dogs, cats, farm animals, birds, fish and reptiles. Animal Control Officer. Any person or persons .


(a) Pursuant to authority granted by the North Carolina General Assembly, this . Except as provided in this section, the provisions of this Ordinance shall not be . dogs to be confined in a strong fence at least six feet high and, at the . or otherwise become a public nuisance to nearby residents or occupants or places of.

City dog tethering ordinance to take effect - Hendersonville, NC

Dogs within Hendersonville's city limits can no longer be chained up outside for . In July, City Council unanimously voted to amend the dog tethering ordinance, which . She said they will not fence an entire yard, only a large enough . the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site.

Richmond County Codes & Ordinances - Richmond County, NC

ordinances, which may or may not appear in this Code at this time, and their . the animal, or adequately contained by a fence on the premises or other secure . B. Any animal tethered in a fixed manner, must be tethered to a ground anchor . impede the normal flow of traffic the roadways in the area around the yard sale. 5.

CHAPTER 94. | Code of Ordinances | Huntersville, NC

Animal means any live, vertebrate creature specifically including, but not limited to . Secure fence enclosure means a fence at least four feet high and forming an . and carry out all rabies control laws of North Carolina and this chapter. (F) . animal and under no circumstances shall the tether be placed directly around the .

Tethering Brochure - Guilford County

Greensboro, NC 24405. 336-641- . The Guilford County Board of Commissioners approved an animal ordinance that prohibits the unattended tethering/chaining of dogs . No, walking a dog with a hand held leash is allowable and encouraged. Is it OK . build a fence around your yard or remain outside with your dog when.

Guilford County dog tethering ordinance | |

Here's the text of the tethering ordinance passed by the Guilford County . No person shall tether, fasten, chain tie, or restrain a dog, or cause such restraining of a dog, to a tree fence, post, doghouse, or other stationary object. . 'He loves America': N.C. A&T student who participated in sit-ins is an unlikely, .

Animal Control Ordinance - Wayne County, NC

Section 10-31 Suspected Rabid Animals Not to be Redeemed or Adopted. 18 . animal to stand and turn around. Animal Shelter: Any . ordinance, if it has been bitten by, or been exposed to, any animal known or suspected to have . Secure Enclosure: A fence or structure of adequate height, forming or causing a humane.

Animal Control Ordinances | Eden, NC

Under no circumstances shall the tether be placed directly around the dog's neck. Tethers are never to be used in conjunction with training collars such as choke .

animal control & animal welfare ordinance surry county, north .

This ordinance shall not apply to animals otherwise regulated by state or federal law. . Any chain, tether, or tie out device must be attached to a dog by . the General Statutes of North Carolina as they relate to the care, treatment, control . A perimeter fence shall be constructed around the entire structure, no less than 3 feet.

Tethering ordinance will now be enforced in High Point - WGHP

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Animal Control officers in High Point can now issue . “We've had dogs tied without shelter, they get wrapped around the tree . For outside dogs, they can be in a backyard fence, kennel or invisible fence. . it was reported that the teen had been hit by gunfire and was not breathing.

CHAPTER 3. - ANIMALS | Code of Ordinances | Raleigh, NC .

Except as may be otherwise provided by statute or local law or ordinance, no officer , agent or . No person shall tether a dog to a tree, fence, post, dog house, or other . room for the animal(s) to move around freely and to lie down comfortably.

What may local governments do to prevent owners from letting their .

There is no statewide leash law in North Carolina, but there are two provisions that limit dogs running at-large. . Without a local leash ordinance, animal control

Wilson County Animal Control Ordinance | Wilson County

Animal: Every living domestic creature, but does not include humans. . Tethering: For the purpose of this ordinance tethering is defined as the securing of an . Dangerous Dog: As defined in North Carolina General Statute 67-4.1. . 15 feet) which is firmly secured to fixed anchor points; posts, trees or fences are acceptable.


or may not appear in this Code at this time, and their corresponding . the County of Edgecombe, North Carolina. . (4) It shall be unlawful for any person to tether any fowl. . and shall be of sufficient height to extend to the top of the fencing. b. . are tied securely around the full circumference of the poles.

chapter 91: animals - Town of Franklinton, NC

lawful duties authorized by North Carolina laws and applicable ordinances. . (b) Allowing an animal to be chained or tethered such that the animal is not . Fences or walls establishing the perimeter of a corral used in the keeping of horses .

Burke County North Carolina An Ordinance Amending the Official .

Ordinance, and the laws of North Carolina as they relate to the care, . Secure enclosure: A fence or structure of adequate height, forming or causing a . Allowing an animal to be chained or tethered such that the animal is not confined . them. c. The temperature of the area around the animal enclosures in the shop shall be.

Chaining and tethering dogs FAQ | The Humane Society of the .

Here are some frequently asked questions about chaining and tethering dogs and why . may not allow the pet owner to keep the dog indoors or install a fence. . working with community officials to create regulations in your local ordinance.

Dog Tethering Ordinance and the Leash Law |

Under the ordinance, a dog may not be tethered for more than three hours total in any 24-hour period. The ordinance defines tethering as a .

Dog Tethering Restrictions | Town of Chapel Hill, NC

Tethering does not refer to walking a dog on a leash. . Effective March 23, 2010, Chapel Hill's Animal Ordinance restricts the tethering of dogs. . to a stationary object (for example, a dog chained to a stake near a dog house), but also . Residents may switch to a pen/kennel enclosure; construct a fence; or choose to house .

Code Compliance - Animal Services - Forsyth County

Common Animal Ordinance Violations . Duty to keep animal under restraint while on property—No tethering of dogs as primary means of restraint. . by way of a fence, restraint, or other enclosure including activated invisible fence or in . and shall not be wrapped directly around the dog's neck, except that veterinarians, .

Dogs/Animals - Town of Badin NC 28009

Badin and the purpose of this ordinance is to ensure that all animals receive proper . fence, post, stake, dog house, or other stationary object for more than nine (9) . During periods of tethering that are not unlawful under this subsection, any . (8) sufficiently near the owner or a competent handler on the owner's property to .

Pet owners must stop tethering or face fines in Burlington and .

Graham's ordinance not only bans continuous tethering but requires dogs, cats and . “We are running close to 600 calls per year, and that was a pretty good . at . Through donations and volunteers, the group builds fences for pet owners .

Group to Petition Yancey Commissioners for Animal Ordinance

There are NC state statues but they are limited in scope. . RELATION TO OTHER ORDINANCES This Ordinance is not . and must have sufficient room for the dog(s) to move around freely and to lie down comfortably. . (12) Enclosure: A pen or paddock with adequate and properly installed fencing.

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The City of Austin enforces ordinances related to the tethering of dogs and the selling of . in public areas where restraint of a dog is not required (off-leash dog parks), . a tether as a primary means of restraint, Animal Protection has a fencing .

Waxhaw Animal Control Ordinance - Waxhaw, NC

1) The chickens must be confined in a chicken coop not less than four square . to the town's Unified Development Ordinance for fencing requirements. . safety, peace, quiet, comfort, enjoyment of or otherwise become a public nuisance to nearby . E) The chaining or tethering of a dog is allowed on a temporary basis when .

Animal Services Ordinance - Harnett County

In a near or below freezing temperatures, the water must be changed . owner, caretaker, and/or possessor that is not restrained by fence, tether, or other . North Carolina and all ordinances of Harnett County pertaining to rabies control.

Containment Laws | Stop BSL

Containment laws—including leash and tether/tie out laws—are powerful, yet . Tethering also does not prevent people or animals from approaching the dog and . of a “second layer” of protection—a freestanding fence around the kennel. . New Jersey (11), New Mexico (10), New York (17), North Carolina (24), North .

Tethering Restrictions | Burlington, NC - Official Website

Tethering Ordinance FAQ's: What are the penalties for violations? 1st Offense: Written Warning. 2nd Offense: $100 civil penalty (If the animal is not already .

Table of State Dog Tether Laws | Animal Legal & Historical .

No person shall tether, fasten, chain, tie, or restrain a dog to any dog house, tree, fence, or other stationary object. . including, but not limited to, a window sill, edge of a pool, fence, public road or highway, . North Carolina, N.C.G.S.A.§ 362.3.

Animal Services | Town of Cary

Wildlife that cross roads, nest and feed in and around homes, make noise, and leave . If you are bitten by a domesticated animal, North Carolina law requires that you . Under this ordinance you may not leave a dog tethered (chained to a . are to bring the dog into your home, fencing in your yard, or constructing a pen.

budget ordinance amendment no. 13 - City of Reidsville

BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Reidsville, North Carolina, that . trees or fences) and attached at least four (4) feet but not more than seven (7) . had seen a tethered animal that had died with a tether still around his neck.

Tethers & Restraints Information | St. Joseph, MO - Official Website

Tethering Ordinance Opens in new window . Copy of Tethering Ordinance (PDF) . Tethering does not refer to walking a dog on a leash. . Constant yanking and straining while on a tether or chain can lead to sores around the neck, and in . A fence is a safe and healthy alternative to a tether and allows your dog freedom .

Leash / Animal Restraint Law | Rowan County

View Full Text of Rowan Animal Control Ordinances. (a) Sufficient restraint shall include, but is not be limited to, restraint by a leash, . or confinement indoors or within a cage, fence, or vehicle or similar secure enclosure. . Dogs over six months old may be tethered to a restraint system outdoors. . Salisbury, NC 28146.

Improve Dog Chaining or Tethering Laws/Ordinances

Pinellas County, Florida, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Live Oak, Texas . A dog shall not be tethered to the running line, pulley, or trolley system by means of a . (3) Is too short for the animal to move around or for the animal to urinate or . (iii) The minimum height of the fence is adequate to successfully confine the dog.

Town of Cornelius Tethering Ordinance - Cornelius, NC

to tethering or chaining dogs by providing fences at no cost to the . (2) Tethering - Domestic animals may not be . placed directly around the domestic animal's.

Fences & Walls | Durham, NC

Currently, no permit is required to build fences or walls (retaining walls do . in the Unified Development Ordinance which must be met, concerning height, .

Randolph County Ordinances

Randolph County NC Ordinances. . Consequently, ordinances that appear on this site may not be the most recent or updated version available. If you need an .

Tethering Issue and Ordinances 3.8.12 - MSPCA-Angell

Dogs who are tethered for long periods of time not only suffer psychological damage, but physical damage . mud because their constant pacing usually beats down the grass around them. They . Laurinburg, North Carolina . tethers (if financial considerations prevent fencing/enclosures), but ensure that.

Group asks Gaston commissioners for anti-tethering law .

Terry Cobb notices dogs tethered to trees or fences with minimal roaming . Nearby York County, South Carolina, banned dog tethering in . Gaston County has an animal cruelty ordinance, but it does not mention the tethering of a dog. . Gastonia, NC 28054 ~ Cookies Settings ~ Cookie Policy ~ Do Not .

Animal Ordinance - Iredell County

State law reference: North Carolina Rabies Control Laws, G.S. § 130A-185. 73. 74 . adequately contained by a fence on the premises or other secure enclosure. . No household pet shall be tethered except as follows: 374.

Charlotte won't ban dog tethering, but could restrict circuses .

City leaders decided not to ban dog tethering in the city limits after advocates pushed for a ban. There could be new regulations when the circus comes to town. . CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte will continue to allow residents to tie their . people can't afford a fence, and tethering may be their only option.

Chaining Is Prohibited in the Following Communities | PETA

This ordinance prohibits dogs from being chained to a fixed point. . (9) No tether may extend any closer than six (6) feet from the perimeter fence or a lot line. . including, but not limited to, extreme heat or near-freezing temperatures or during thunderstorms, lightning storms, tornado . Cumberland County, North Carolina

Davie County Zoning Ordinance

The structure must meet the North Carolina State Building Code. This term shall . The in-channel or near-channel extraction of sand. NAICS Codes . compound. Security fencing shall not be required for accessory communication facilities. . shall be permitted. (i) No inflatable signs or tethered balloons shall be permitted.

Animal Control - Town of Forest City, NC

The following changes to the animal control ordinance is in effect as of July 1, 2019. . The tether may not be made of chain and made of material that prevents . link fence or similar material, tall enough to prevent the escape of the animal.

Report: Charlotte shouldn't upgrade dog tethering ordinance .

Charlotte likely won't ban dog tethering due to equity concerns among residents. . can't afford to build fences on their properties, according to a Dec. . the status quo for dog tethering ordinances in Charlotte — and to not . c5-around-town . in North Carolina, Asheville and Durham have banned tethering, .