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Fence By Maintenance Service offer two height options – 36 inches tall or 48 inches tall. Sometimes, parts of split rail fencing will need to be replaced. Whether .

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Kentucky Board The Fence Company Llc within size 1200 X 720. . 1 m (43 inch) to be built with just two rails, while fences over that should have 3 rails with the middle rails . We offer the wood split-rail fence in both, 2-rail, and 3-rail versions.

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Long® Fence offers many types of post & rail fences to enclose yards for both children and animal while providing an open, rustic style. For info, please call .

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They had to get the fence from two warehouses that were a couple thousand miles apart from each other. Well I finally got the rest 5 days later and the driver said .

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Posts are made to accept either two or three rails. Two-rail fence posts are approximately 6 feet long, and three-hole posts are approximately 7 .

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However, remember to ask the fence supply company how long each of the rails are. Some of the commonly available options are 9 feet long and .

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The split rail and post diameters may vary depending on the timber available and on . Post size can be customized, fabricated in a wood grain, and dyed to match . Figure E1—Double post 2-rail fence. Materials Required: 6-ft posts; 12-ft rails

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walk gate in a 2 hole split rail fence with welded wire attached 5 ft. . Trying to find a gorgeous yet long lasting means to fence your home or business? Driveway .

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The two standard fence styles are two-rail, which stand about three feet tall, and three-rail, which stand about four feet tall. rails are commonly available in eight- .

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The reason two or three rails are used, and it's not standard, is quite simple. It all comes down to how tall and how wide the fence is. But because .

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One of the oldest types of fencing still in use wood split rail fence . In other words, I set the first post, load the rails into it and the second post, then . Watch the post height as you cannot come back and lower the post once set.

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This fence style is available in a two or three rail, split rail design. . It is generally considered one of the most long lasting materials for fencing, because .

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Installing a split rail fence is an great way to add character to your yard. . To be sure that the height of all the posts is consistent, run a string along the top of the .

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The two standard fence styles are two-rail, which stand about three feet tall, and three-rail, which stand about four feet tall. rails are commonly available in eight- .

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1 How to Build a Simple Split-Rail Fence . 5 Set Rail Height . Grasp the two handles together with both hands before thrusting the blades into .

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HomeAdvisor's Split Rail Fence Cost Guide provides installation prices for post . $280 for a driveway gate made of two 4-feet-wide by 4-feet-tall sections with .

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The reason two or three rails are used, and it's not standard, is quite simple. It all comes down to how tall and how wide the fence is. But because .

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The split rail fence is a rustic style with two or three rough-hewn horizontal . city lot with 360 feet of 48” tall pinewood split rail fence and one drive-through gate.

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Cost comparison of wooden split rail fences, options like the number of posts, . As a preference, 3-rail fences will be a foot taller and also sturdier for . I've installed my own split rail fence two times, made a few mistakes, and .

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We have two main categories of split rail fence: Fitted and Historical Old . note: Three rail fencing requires a larger post, so each post will be 8 feet long and .

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Rustically define the perimeter of your property with split rail cedar. Split Rail Cedar comes in a two or three rail design. The posts for a two-rail fence are 5'6" tall .

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The two rail split rail fence offers and iconic and rustic look. The rails . Four rail split rail fencing works for applications where a taller fence is required. A typical .

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Normal finished height is 48 inches, but a 4 board “post and rail” fence can be . post centered between two other wooden post that are serving as stanchions to .

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Comparison of split rail fencing installation costs for your home. . Depending on the size of your yard and the type of soil, you can expect a professional to . 8 foot wide gate and two other 4 foot wide gates for their yard mowers or other larger .

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. but with two mortises at 90 degrees to each other for making 90 degree corners. . The tenoned ends of the split rails fit snugly but there is a little wiggle room to bend corners and to change slope. . We also stock plain un-machined posts in 3 rail height that can be modified in versatile ways. . Cedar split rail fencing.

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I have such a cool LONG awaited yard update to share today, which is all . Just down the road was a darling, low lying split rail fence garden along a . the road had two kinds, so I chose the more rustic split rails on the right, .

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Unless otherwise required by City ordinances, provide fences 3 ft. in height. . Paint new split rail fence above the ground line with a minimum of two coats of .

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2-rail split style vinyl fence with approximate height of 36", and widths available up to 96". Standard rail size is 3". Assorted colors offered, including: White, .

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A section of a fence refers to the span between two posts. Sections can come in from 6 - 11 feet. It depends on the size of the area you want fenced, your needs .

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Each rail and post come in a slightly different size and shape. Cedar split rail fence is one of the most cost effective styles for defining . split rail double gate.

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How to install your new Split-Rail Cedar Fence? . (Note- try to keep the top of posts in line and at a height that is pleasing to the eye to see. . placing the second rail into next hole in post; repeat for top rail or hole #3 on 3-rail style fence.

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Available in two rails 5'4” tall and three rails 6'6” tall posts and 8' and 10' length rails. Also referred to as split log fence and split post fence, purchasing split rail .

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But for many years until the early 1900s, every farmer regularly split rails and built fences to . "There are two types of rail fences," Ova Young explained. . Some good trees might have a trunk tall enough to cut more than one rail length.

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AFTER: A simple two-rail fence keeps plants in, and pets out. . used 36″ long posts to build a 24″ tall fence; 5/8″ x 3.5″ fence rails – I used .

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Depending upon your security and style preferences, you can build a split rail fence with two to four rails—long pieces of wood, usually split lengthwise—which .

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A section of fence is considered 1 post and 2 rails for a 2 rail fence or 1 post and 3 rails for a 3 rail fence. How long is a single section of fence? Expand. 11' rails .

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Download Classic Split Rail Fence Brochure . dried and treated for in ground use and are available in two or three rail fence systems. . Our end posts are cut over size, especially designed to handle a typical metal farm gate.

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Split Rail Fencing is a very traditional and aesthetically pleasing. It is popular choice for . Split rail can be combined with electric or woven wire, this way containing almost any animal. This fencing is . Standard Fence Height. 6ft post length .

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If the distance that the fence covers cannot be worked in multiples of 10' 3", then . between the last two posts will be less than rail length and the rails must be cut off. . Recommended section height requires different quantities of rails for each.

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A split-rail fence or log fence is a type of fence constructed in the United States and Canada, . Each half was then split into quarters, then eighths and so on until the rails were of a usable size. . The use of two rails to form a cross, having a top rail, bench rails and lower heavier rails, allowed it to be free standing, withstand .

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Split Rail style fence dates back to the 1600's when colonial farmers used this . Size: 11'-14' Sections. Material: Various. Type: Post & Rail.

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There are several reasons to build a split rail fence, and it's not just . Can easily be installed in a day with two people . Set split rail height.

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Today we build our split rails from cedar, locust, and treated pine. All are long lasting and weather well over time. Typically we use three or two-hole mortised .

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. of materials needed to construct a Split Rail Fence (except concrete) and total . A gate placed in a stretch actually creates two separate stretches (except on .

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The 2 posts stacking rail systems has been around for a very long time. Split cedar rails are placed between two posts in a stacked fashion. Often a wire or .

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Specifications. 16" on Center (Rail Spacing); 3 Hole Posts 7' Long; 2 Hole Posts 5' 9" Long; Line Rails 11' Long. Description. This product is no longer in stock.

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Beautiful long lasting Canadian red cedar split rail fence available in both two and three rail configurations. Some homeowners use this fence to set the tone for .