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Evidence of sea floor spreading at ocean ridges was .

LAB – Evidence of Sea Floor Spreading Activity. Evidence of sea floor . Repeat step 3 and 4 until all of the data is recorded and colored. Fold your chart so that .

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volcanoes, and the major geographic features of the ocean floor. . 3. How well do the shallow earthquakes locate transform plate boundaries, such as the . But for some plate boundaries, the earthquakes are spread out over a broader area.

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In the main ocean basins, our seafloor isochrons are constructed for . of seafloor spreading half rates and spreading asymmetries (Figure 3 .

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. Spreading Worksheet. Post-Lab Questions . Define sea floor spreading. Where does it occur? 3. Briefly describe the basic assumptions of plate tectonics.

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First, slightly pull your desks apart until there is about a 3-inch space between them. . This motion represents the spreading of the ocean floor at mid-ocean ridges. . 3. What do the two longs pieces of paper represent? 4. What does the desk .


In the 1950's, detailed surveys began of the ocean floor and rift systems that circle the . Much evidence has been found to support the idea of seafloor spreading. . 3. If on your seafloor diagram, .5cm= 10,000 years of crust formation, how long (in . 4. Describe, in detail, how the “zebra stripes” on the ocean floor formed.

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Several types of evidence supported Hess's theory of sea-floor spreading: . in the rocks of the ocean floor, they found more support for sea-floor spreading. . Repeat Step 3 until you have applied the magnet to each piece of audiotape.

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LAB 4-3: Seafloor Spreading . The focus of this lab is to examine the sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean where two tectonic plates are moving apart creating a .

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Vocab Sea-Floor Spreading: Ocean crust is created at a divergent boundary as plates pull apart and molten material rises from deep within the Earth.

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Prepare the computer for data collection by opening the file “05 Sea Floor Spreading” in the. Earth Science with Vernier folder. 3. Zero the Magnetic Field Sensor .

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Sea-Floor Spreading Lab . (mirrored) on either side of the spreading ridge. The patterns were carefully . 3. What is magnetic polarity? How does the oceanic crust record the polarity? 4. What type of rock is oceanic crust generally made of?

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Seafloor spreading is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges, wh. . [3] The theory is well accepted now, and the phenomenon is known to .

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Explain the three types of evidence for sea-floor spreading c. . Questions – page 147 # 1 a,b,c; # 2 a,b,c; # 3 a,b. _____ 4. Lab: Modeling Sea-Floor Spreading.

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Seafloor Spreading and Plate Tectonics . This 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor can sense the Earth's magnetic field and fields . For assistance with substituting compatible instruments, contact PASCO Technical Support. . Source: Lab #09 .

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Seafloor spreading is a process that occurs at mid-ocean ridges, where new oceanic crust is formed through volcanic activity and then gradually moves away from the ridge. Contents. 1 History of study; 2 Significance; 3 Spreading center; 4 Incipient spreading .

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The use of the equation relating ocean floor depth to sea floor spreading rate and . to work through this activity at home or in a computer lab will no supervision. . Predicted (modeled) ocean topography for three different spreading rates, U.

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The presence of these rocks supports the theory of sea-floor spreading. . List three types of evidence for sea-floor spreading. a. . Plate Tectonics • Skills Lab.

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This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity with U.S. . The process of sea-floor spreading created the lithosphere under the . Slide the sea floor into the three slits in the shoebox and pull it down from .

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Explain the evidence for sea-floor spreading, including earthquake and volcano . Explain that the Earth's magnetic field is recorded in seafloor rocks by completing a lab. . Class 1 & 2: Continental Drift; Class 3 & 4: Interior of the Earth .

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Lab parts are so challenging and informative. . 2.A.3 Evidence for Continental Drift6:31 · 2.A.4 New Discoveries Leading to Plate Tectonics: Seafloor Bathymetry10:01 . Well, in the case of the sea floor spreading hypothesis, the magnetic .


Determine the rate of sea-floor spreading that occurs along a mid-ocean ridge by using . 4-2. Name_____KEY________. Lab Day/Time_________________. Pre-lab . 3. What is the approximate average ocean depth along the continental .

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Earth Sciences 110 N- The Dynamic Earth Lab. Laboratory 3- . interpret the timing and nature of sea floor spreading in the world's oceans. . C. Cande and D. V. Kent, 1992, A new polarity time scale for the Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic. For.

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Also, creating a model for sea floor spreading will allow you to see a . Push the strips up from below until you can see numbers 3, 4, and 5 on top of the base.

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View Lab Report - Sea Floor Spreading Lab 4-3.ppt from CIT SCT 101 at Kenyatta University. Lab 4-3: Sea-Floor Spreading Pages 155 158 Vocab Sea-Floor .

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If your teaching Seafloor Spreading, this is an EASY and FUN lab to do with. Saved from . MFW-ECC - Week 24 - 1,2,3, FOUR really cool volcano experiments!

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▻In 1929, Arthur Holmes claimed that the physical mechanism for continental drift could be mantle convection (not noticed at the time). ▻Until the end of WWII the .

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The process of sea-floor spreading -Evidence supporting sea-floor spreading -Deep-ocean trenches Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.