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A fence is typically a big investment, although the price varies widely depending on the type of fence you choose, the size of your yard and your geographic .

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Learn about the average cost to expect for aluminum fencing, as well as how you . Fences are a key aspect of defining your yard space, whether the intention is .

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The average yard fence fits into a range of $2,500 to $3,900, which is based on 200 linear feet, or enough to fence a quarter acre lot.

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If you have a typical 1.5-acre yard, you will need a privacy fence that will be around 150 yards long and about 8 feet high. The cost of the fence will come to .

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Need to replace a damaged fence? . According to data from Home Advisor, the average cost to build a fence is anywhere from $1,648 to nearly . The terrain of your yard may impact labor costs, too, especially if the area .

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As a guideline, fencing can cost $75 - $1200 per metre depending on the . in mind, here are some average costs for some common fencing materials, . but an integral part of the landscaping of your pool area and backyard.

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The privacy of a fenced-in backyard can add value to your home, but when it's old . On average, homeowners pay $2,000 - $3,000 to replace their wood fence.

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The national average cost to install a fence is $13.93 per linear foot, with a . This material is eco-friendly and brings a beautiful look to your yard and home.

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A homeowner's guide to fences, including fence pricing, types of fencing materials, . Yard fences for the backyard require different considerations than fence . Angie's List members recently reported spending an average price of $4,578 for .

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How Much Is Colorbond Fencing? The average cost of Colorbond fencing installation is $75 per metre, but it may range from $65 to $100 per .

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Of course, this depends on the size of the yard or area you are looking to fence in. Most fencing projects for the average home are between 100 and 200 linear feet .

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The cost to Install a Fence starts at $24.27 - $39.58 per linear foot, but can vary significantly . Yard Fence Cost . Average Cost per Linear Foot, $24.33, $39.67 .